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Give Nepalese Children access to the Future

In Nishankhe, a remote village in rural Nepal, 15 volunteers for the non-profit organization Mahrberg Library equipped a library and a children’s activity center with furniture and more than 2000 books, as well as a computer lab with 10 laptops and a projector.

This was all done in collaboration with the non-profit organization Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) who built this incredible Community Learning Center which is for sure the first of its kind in the Okhaldhunga district if not in all of Nepal. Apart from the library, the children’s activity center and the computer lab, there is a big conference hall, several offices and training rooms as well as dorm rooms to make this building a fantastic place where people can come and expand their horizon.

However, due to the Coronavirus VIN has seen all their funds, which mainly come from international volunteers, shrink to nothing overnight as nobody can volunteer now. No funds mean no possibility to hire staff to keep the library open. Staff are essential to keep the Community Learning Center open and to guarantee the access to further education to the people of Nishankhe. The staff will not only be responsible for maintaining the library and the computer lab; he or she will also be in charge teaching the children how to use a computer, how to use the library and will manage volunteer groups. The librarian will also have a crucial role in informing the people in the area, especially the parents of the children, why it is important for them to come to the library and receive extracurricular education.

More than 500 children are affected by this; they can no longer visit the library or the computer lab!

We want to make sure that we help VIN bridge this gap until their situation gets better and are raising money for operations cost for 1 year; 12 x EUR 450 + 1-month bonus = EUR 5850.

Join us #forabrightertomorrow.
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