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This year, we make Giving easy for you!
Burundi, located in eastern Africa, is the poorest country in the world.
The country has neither sufficient resources to feed its own population, let alone educate and prepare children and adults for a better life. What comes with it is hopelessness, poverty and crime. Unfortunately, there is no prospect of improvement either.
But as we all know, hope dies last, which is why we have decided to make Burundi our heart's project. WeTomorrow firmly believes that the only sustainable way out of this downward spiral is education. Education is the key to a better life, which is why we have chosen to build a library and computer lab and provide weekly English lessons via Zoom.
We launched a successful fundraising project earlier this year and raised enough money to build our own WeTomorrow library in Mishiha. A place of learning, gathering and safety. Here, because of the World Wide Web, children will have no limits to their learning. The building is also almost ready and soon usable and meanwhile, we have expanded our English lessons programme and will not only teach weekly in Mishiha but also in Mubimbi.
Seeing the children's bright eyes, receiving messages and videos expressing their gratitude and feeling the anticipation of the English Lessons are overwhelming and it shows us once again that when everyone gives a little bit of their own, great things come together.
Together, we have instilled hope for a better life in their hearts as well as courage and unwavering determination to make it happen.
In the Spirit of Christmas and the grace of charity, we decided to collect money for books for these children and surprise them with books for the library. In Burundi, there is little to no possibility of getting hold of English-language literature, which is why it is all the more important that we provide it. Speaking a world language opens more doors.
So let's join together to help open those doors to a hopeful world for these children and make a contribution now. What is a small contribution to us means everything to them.

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